Otter, a Voice-Recorder Powered by Machine Learning

Accurate, usable transcripts rendered in real-time

Given all the interviewing we do at CH, we’ve tested many voice-recording apps and, while many have been decent, it’s not since Recordium that we’ve been really impressed. Sadly Recordium is no longer being updated, but fortunately there’s a new favorite contender: Otter. For starters, Otter not only records, it also transcribes in real-time. And it’s clever enough to figure out punctuation—which is more than most premium desktop-based transcription software currently offer. When reading a transcription if something doesn’t seem correct, just tap on the text to hear that portion of the recording. Plus, you can train Otter to recognize your voice so that when conducting an interview it will mark who is speaking.

AISense, the makers of Otter, have been rolling out new features pretty aggressively over the last month of our testing. The latest is a camera integration that places any photo you take during a recording in to the transcript at the moment in the dialog when the photo was snapped.

Images and video courtesy of AISense