Pelican 1075 HardBack

Hardcase experts debut their ultra-durable case to keep tech safe in the most extreme conditions


As faster, prettier, more delicate gadgets arrive everyday, the impulse to protect them has become almost obsessive. Innumerable designs, styles, functions and colors of cases for all kinds of devices sell everywhere from street corners to gas stations. The average pink rubber bumper might look pretty, but most cases do little to truly protect against anything but a short fall. Pelican, the industry leader in high-grade protective cases, has responded to the surge in tablet and netbook sales with a new case designed specifically for mobile computing devices.


The water-tight and crush-resistant 1075 HardBack shields an iPad, netbook or any other thin device up to 10 inches. The case, designed in partnership with BMW Designworks, features the classic elements of Pelican’s nearly indestructible cases including a pressure equalization valve to keep moisture out, and plush foam lining that prevents electronics from sliding around. Depending on how you organize the interior foam, there can be space for external keyboards, chargers and other device accessories. This case is a must-have for anyone who loves tech and has a lifestyle where falling overboard or other similar dangers is a real possibility.

The 1075 HardBack is available from Pelican for $70 and the iPad-specific i1075 is coming soon.

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