Bone Collection

Cordless iPhone docks, dinosaur USB drives and more adorably clever device accessories

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The $1 billion-plus industry for Apple accessories is indeed a crowded field, but Taiwanese brand Bone Collection sets themselves apart with adorably inventive iPod cases, stands, USB drives and more.

Innovations include the iPhone Horn Stand, a simple sound solution developed by 19th century audiophiles adapted for the 21st century. This stand allows iPhones or iPods to plug into a soft plastic stand with a form that naturally amplifies the sound output—just like how a horn boosts a wind-up gramophone—without the need for external power. For the active set, the 100% biodegradable Phone Sport band provides an easy and secure way to strap iPhones to arms while at the gym or bouldering.

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Bone Collection also makes an array of wraps and cases for all types of iPhones, iPads and iPods to protect the delicate electronics in sturdy yet soft cases in a range of styles, appealing to both men and women. This triangle-patterned Phone Cell pouch’s clever use of silicone absorbs impact, makes it easy to store any number of accessories (not just iPhones), and has Issey Miyake looks. Other cases, like the
Phone Bubble
, molds washable silicone into corner-protecting nubs, offering cute safety for the particularly accident-prone.


Not just limited to the Apple universe, the brand also has a line of plastic cases for USB flash drives that add a little levity to any tech setup. The little devices also make it difficult to misplace these vessels of precious data, putting astronauts, penguins and ninjas to the task of transporting files.

The moderately-priced cases, drives and more sell from Amazon shop.