Streamline digital content with the click of a button


Whether you’re an information junkie or just someone with little time for filtering through the surplus of online content, Reading is designed to help. Founded by Max Fenton—online editor of McSweeney’s “Believer” magazine—and Greg Leppert of Svpply fame, Reading combines the literary and tech worlds for one seamless feed that allows you to see what other people are perusing, or share stories that you find interesting like a personally edited newsreel.

It’s as simple as downloading the bookmarklet and tagging what you’re reading, but you can then also click on one of three buttons that appear in the top right corner—”yep,” “nope” or “share.” Back in your feed, any stories you said yep to will have a green checkmark next to them, and any nopes will be crossed out in red. You can also delete any stories you read and no longer want listed in your feed, like the one on Neopets or about which Silicon Valley women party the hardest.


You can also auto-program your selections to have a “hook,” so that every time you mark something with a yep, for example, it posts to platforms like Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook and more, or conveniently to Instapaper for reading offline.

Reading is a super easy way to share information online and build a community of friends whose reading interests pertain to yours. Even if you don’t make it all the way through your feed, once you’ve amassed a network you can use the search field to enter a topic and see all of the stories related to that that haven been bookmarked by the people you’ve chosen to follow.

To sign up, visit the Reading website.