Reincubate’s Camo App Elevates Your Video Calls

An app that essentially transforms your iPhone or iPad into a professional webcam for your Mac, Reincubate’s Camo elevates your (perhaps all-too-frequent) video calls. It works by streaming and processing camera data in the iOS app and sending it to your desktop instead of using the computer’s lower quality camera. Super-useful—especially for presentations—Camo works with everything from Zoom to Slack, Skype, Meet, Microsoft Teams, Chrome, Firefox, QuickTime, WebEx Teams and others, without special or complicated commands. The free option provides 720p video quality with a watermark appearing during calls, while the full version ($40 a year) offers 1080p video quality and the ability to adjust color, exposure, brightness and more. Read about the new app at Apple Insider.

Image courtesy of Reincubate