Schmap for the iPhone and iPod Touch


When we first learned about Schmap digital travel guides a couple years back, we loved the concept but were frustrated by the lack of options for Macs. With their new beta version for iPhones and iPod Touches, they've one-upped themselves by providing their interactive maps in a format designed to take advantage of the device's unique capabilities.

Using the gyro feature and either a city guide or local search, when the phone or iPod is horizontal it displays (much like Google Maps) a split-screen with mapped locations on one side and a dynamically-updated list on the other. It also embeds info, just like Google Maps, enabling users to click through to websites and phone numbers or to look up the address using the local widget (to find directions, for example).

While it's a little confusing to have to scroll lists using two fingers, the resource is a great way to find a coffee shop in a strange city or discover any number of useful or fun places.