Shape the Hive

An online community platform shaping the future of art one pod at a time

shape-the-hive2.jpg shape-the-hive3.jpg

An experiment in interactive digital collaboration, Shape The Hive invites people from around the world to create and submit individual artwork online that will be combined into a larger piece for an unexpected installation of enormous scale. The honeycomb-shaped project aims to connect artists by intentionally using the web—the very medium that often disconnects people—serving as both a platform for and reminder about the future of art.


Organized by L.A.-based interdisciplinary studios Kuro Interactive (the same crew behind the rap lyrics Valentine’s) and Vision Design Studio and sponsored by The Art Institute of California Orange County, Shape the Hive will award a MacBook Pro to the most “bitchin” pod as well as a $10,000 scholarship to The Art Institute.

Shape the Hive’s potential is infinite, depending on how many people collaborate. To be part of the community, submit a design or vote for your favorite pod.