Sleepypod Pet Carrier


The Sleepypod is a new pet carrier that creates a more enjoyable and safe experience for your pet when on the road. A great alternative to the pet-in-your-purse method, it also doubles as a bed by removing the top.

Currently there are no safety standards for pets, making the Sleepypod, built to withstand a 24 mph impact while strapped in with a seatbelt, the first of its kind. And while it may not be ideal for people who use public transportation or walk, it's perfect for longer-distance hauls, whether stowed under an airplane seat or strapped into cars.


Adding more function, the pod has a pocket for an optional warming pad that can be plugged into car for the cold winter months and removing the plush inside makes it more comfy in summer. Available in two sizes from the Sleepypod site, the mini, for pets under seven pounds, is $150 and the standard, for pets under 15 pounds, is $165.