Titanium iPhone 4 Cover

Snow Peak's minimalist iPhone case solution

Having tried a few different iPhone cases, I was skeptical that any could offer protection without majorly detracting from the sleek form of the phone itself—much less one designed by a camping gear brand. But after shattering my second iPhone, it was time to get serious. The minimalist design of Snow Peak’s cover seemed to fit the bill.

Made from a single piece of titanium, it adds negligible weight and bulk, while incorporating a clip-in lanyard. The ability to hang your phone around your neck might seem like a nerd-level accessory (I’m also guilty of sporting eyeglasses chains on occassion), but the usefulness it lends, from biking with it to cooking and grocery shopping, makes it undeniably chic.

Most importantly, the clean design of Snow Peak’s case most closely matches the iPhone’s aesthetic. Though mine has suffered a few dings and scratches in the weeks I’ve been using it, the case looks like a seamless extension of the silver sides of the phone. For the logo-averse, it conceals the Apple logo, though it does mean I can’t check my lipstick in its mirrored surface.

Limited to an edition of 300 and on sale as of today, the case sells from Snow Peak for $120 each—no, titanium does not come cheap.