Pair Voice and Image with SpeakingPhoto

The iOS app debuts on Android, allowing for new depths of documenting

Inhabiting the interspace between still photography and video, SpeakingPhoto offers an alternative way of capturing greater depths with your mobile device. While a photo speaks a thousand words, many of the family photos that have been passed along run the risk of losing their explanations and the true stories they reflect. We still run that same risk with photos we take today. After a quick snap taken with SpeakingPhoto, users can record a voice note to accompany the image as a kind of verbal caption.

After its initial success on the iPhone, it launches today on Google Play for the Android operating system. It’s the perfect app for those who find montages boring, and who don’t have an eye for capturing video that feels cohesive. Whether you’re looking to preserve the past, or capture the present day, SpeakingPhoto is easy and the output is entirely sharable.


“When you look at everything out there today with respect to photo apps, everyone is targeting the youth market—photos that disappear, disposable content. We really felt like there was a missed opportunity to capture what people were interested in preserving, something significant,” shares CEO and co-founder Dawn Davis. “No one is pursuing that in a powerful way.”

Davis and co-founder Diana Iles Parker are two Bay Area mothers whose idea began with a Kindergarten class project. “It was an interactive art piece that was done for a school auction. We captured the voices of children and what they were thinking about, aspiring to be, who their role models were,” Davis continues. Photos were used to create a large art piece and when parents touched the photo of their child, sound emerged. “It made us realize the impact of adding the story to the photo. A photo can create more questions than it answers. With SpeakingPhoto you have an opportunity to capture all of those feelings during the moment.”


It’s that emotional resonance and a desire to memorialize events with no information lost that fuels the impact of the app—and its uses can vary as far as the imagination allows. You can download SpeakingPhoto for free from iTunes App store, and now for free on Google Play.

Screengrabs courtesy of SpeakingPhoto