Start Here Notebooks


For those who are the multiple notebook type, the Start Here line of notebooks connect together by sliding and linking covers, increasing organization and functionality. Designed by Little Fury, they're refreshingly simple and practical with a clean design that inspires users to fill them with their own ideas and art.

The white covers are 100% recyclable and made of synthetic paper, which is stain and tear resistant and waterproof, keeping your schedule, diary or doodles clean and protected. Each page in the lined notebooks features a title line and perfectly spaced lines in a 5"x7" format. Small perforated corners on the planner enable an easy way to mark days, while open boxed calendars create an elegant aesthetic. The Three-Level Notebook is a stacked combination of plain, grid, and lined pages, using soy based inks (like all Start Here notebooks). Pages open flat, facilitating use and all the notebooks come in different colors for mixing and matching. Self-adhesive pockets and color tabs can be added for further functionality.

Offering simple aesthetics with purpose, the range of notebooks and accessories are available exclusively at Start Here.