Tango E5 Autonomous Mower

The robotic lawn mower from John Deere

John Deere Tango In Use.jpg

Mowing the lawn ranks among the most onerous of weekend tasks. Seeking to provide respite to landscapers everywhere, industry giant John Deere has introduced an autonomous lawn mower called the Tango E5—a sleek and quiet machine designed for large private yards. Criss-crossing its territory in what looks like a random pattern, the Tango E5 produces an even and healthy lawn.


Underground wires, installed with the aid of a John Deere specialist, determine the perimeter within which the Tango E5 will roam. Once its territory has been demarcated, the Tango E5 can operate completely on its own. A traction sensor device keeps it away from obstacles such as trees. Plus, the Tango E5 can sense when its Li-Ion battery is running low on power, and it will make its way on its own to the charging station, resuming operations once it has recharged. The Tango E5 eliminates the need to dispose of grass clippings by recycling them into the lawn, providing nutrients for continued growth.

For the time being, the Tango E5 is available from certified dealers in select European markets for around 2,500 €.