The Raven

An updated wireless controller designed for Playstation 3 fans


Created for the serious gamer, the Raven is a new wireless controller designed for the Playstation 3 but modeled after the more user-friendly X-box controller. We recently had the chance to road-test the Raven, finding the updated design really does enhance the playing experience.

Covered in Nyko’s Soft Feel Surface—a soft, slightly rubbery coating—and boasting angled trigger buttons, the Raven is super easy to grip and it really allows the player to keep control over hand movements. As we discovered, having the joysticks situated at uneven planes makes playing first-person shooter games more natural, with the stick controlling vision placed higher than the stick that controls body movement.

With a slight added weight, the Raven also feels more substantial in your hands than Sony’s controller and yet costs nearly half the price. Hitting stores September 2010, the Raven is available for pre-order now and will retail for $40.