Preview: Hudson River Exchange’s 2015 Summer Market

Four favorite vendors from the seasonal craft epicenter taking place this weekend

People don’t really need an excuse to visit New York’s Hudson Valley. It’s convenient to reach by car or train; restaurants often feature the best locally grown, seasonal foods; and whether or not you are in range of the river, the landscapes are beautiful and the towns are quaint. If that isn’t enough, this weekend marks the third installment of Hudson River Exchange‘s Summer Market.

Hudson River Exchange is a collective of makers and artists building platforms for commerce of regionally made or collected goods. Their Summer Market (which is quite literally on the banks of the Hudson River) brings together 100 vendors carrying goods made in the Northeast, from Virginia to Vermont and beyond—not to mention plenty of work from New Yorkers. From farm-fresh food to quality handmade goods—and even rare vintage finds—there’s a little bit of everything here. The following four vendors show the diversity of offerings that will be on location.

Wishbone Letterpress

Kingston, New York’s Wishbone Letterpress is spearheaded by a husband and wife team—with one’s background being graphic design and the other’s sculpture. Their handmade stationary, cards, party crowns, coasters and beyond all carry a certain level of whimsicality and reflect the joy of their creators. There’s a lot of imagination within their designs—and a nice touch of evidence of the hands behind it.

Field Apothecary and Herb Farm

One of the Hudson Valley’s most acclaimed herb farms, Field produces an array of tinctures, salves, balms and more from what’s grown across its three acres. Run by another wife and husband team, Dana and Michael Eudy, the core belief behind the business is in the power of plants. Their Lemongrass Lip Balm is pretty special, but their extracts really shine.

Raven & Boar

For scrumptious charcuterie and other meats hewn from a small herd of the best-treated pigs, look no further than Raven & Boar. Each pig is fed whey-soaked grains, grass, vegetables and other naturally foraged plants. The healthy and happy animals, on a sustainable farm, make for the most ethical and tasty of meats. They also sell fresh free-range eggs, and vegetables grown and foraged from their farm. Altogether, it’s food you can trust.

Lady Jayne’s Alchemy

Hudson Valley-based Jori Jayne Emde really does craft her Lady Jayne’s Alchemy products in a barn in the woods. From calming smelling salts to a “full moon elixir” and a range of garden bitters, all the ingredients are primarily grown in Emde’s own garden, gathered in nearby fields or sourced from friends who grow them locally.

The 2015 Summer Market will run Saturday (27 June) from 10AM to 6PM and Sunday from 11AM to 4PM at the Henry Hudson Riverfront Park in Hudson, NY.

Raven & Boar image by Ashley Sears, other images courtesy of Hudson River Exchange