This Week’s Gadgets

This week I was posting my gadget finds over at Gizmodo. Thanks Nick, Choire and Joel… it was lots of fun.

Here’s a recap:

The Ultimate Mini Mod
Stretchy Wires
Nokia to Take 63% Control of Symbian
Your Computer Has More Germs Than a Toilet
KDLAB’s iSpec
Cap Radio
Epson RD1
Binary LED Watch
Philips 639
The L Grand Canyon
Rockin The Burton Amp Backpack
Etymotic Research Mobile Headset
Dual Power Macs and Aluminum Displays
Technics SLDZ1200
Technology to Care for the Elderly
Microsoft’s iPod Killer
TomTom Go
Siemens SX1 with Virtual Keyboard
Kodak DCS Pro SLRn
Iomega Micro Mini USB Drive