My friends over at ThisNext have just taken their site out of private beta. Shopping these days is all about curated consumption—looking to friends or idols for guidance on what to buy and where to find it. ThisNext facilitates online shopping with community functions that help you find and share products. It's very easy and fun to use—within moments I created a list called in my bag that includes all the essentials I schlep around NYC on my back everyday.

In addition to the standard Web 2.0 features of profiles, lists, tagging, commenting and trackbacks they've introduced the notion of Shopcasting which is basically a broadcast of product lists that can be added to any web site. Jean Aw from NotCot, for example, is running a community Shopcast on the sidebars of her site which lists items anyone has tagged notcot.

Kudos also to The Groop for the front end design of ThisNext—stellar work!