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GoBe by Light & Motion

From deep under the sea to the highest mountaintops, a flashlight system that lightens your load and surroundings


For gear enthusiasts, there’s a fine line between staying updated on what’s new and cluttering your precious storage space. The GoBe light system from Monterrey, California-based Light & Motion presents a multi-functional light system with a fraction of the gear. A single platform weighing in at just 160 grams is compatible with six different light heads, all featuring different lumen capabilities, angular movement and purposes. The light is waterproof and submergible up to 120 meters, making this a must-have for scuba divers. The NightSea light head emits a specially developed blue light, with the wavelengths optimally designed to illuminate the wonders of the deep. Flick a switch and the light switches back to a standard white light spotlight.


On dry land the GoBe offers both spotlights and wide-angle beams in varying degrees of luminosity. A bar mount easily attaches the lightweight system to your bike for safe, well-lit riding. The wide angle beam is perfect for lighting up a single track trail if you’re going for a pre-work session or doing a bit of adventure touring. The bar mount is also useful for—well, just about anything. The wide-angle light is ideal for lighting up a campsite—just attach the bar mount to a tree branch and you’ll be set up in no time. Battery life varies with light head, but the maximum light life is purportedly 54 hours. When it’s time for a re-up on juice, simply plug in the USB rechargeable lithium ion battery. With a commitment to user experience and safety (especially where underwater use is concerned), Light & Motion conducts extensive battery and luminosity research to ensure accurate light times.

Made in the USA, the GoBe 500 is available from Amazon for $199. Check out Light & Motion online for the full collection and more information.

Images courtesy of Light & Motion


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