Waxwear Rangertan Camera Bag

Photographer Rick Lew teams up with Moore and Giles to create a timeless and functional design


When approached by Moore and Giles to create a camera bag, photographer Rick Lew didn’t deliberate. “I had a tote from Moore and Giles for about a year before I got involved in this project. I really loved its functionality and the way it was wearing,” Lew explains. “Their bags tend to wear like your favorite pair of jeans, and that’s what I wanted for this bag.”

Crafted from Moore and Giles’ Waxwear Rangertan and Titan Milled Brown leather, the collaborative experiment marries craftsmanship and functionality. One of the key features is the abundance of small interior pockets, which Lew notes is essential to keeping track of used and empty memory cards. Interior organizational dividers mimic most modern camera bags—although few tech accessories can also double as a heritage messenger bag.

“The amazing thing was that I flew down to their headquarters and the head designer basically said, ‘So what kind of bag do you want to design?'” relates Lew, explaining the impetus for the project. “And they pretty much let me do whatever I wanted.” Ideal for photographers in the market for a more natural toting option, the Waxwear Rangertan Camera Bag sells from Moore and Giles for $640.

Images by Rick Lew