Tree Art Rugs by Moore & Giles

Leather rugs made in Lynchburg, Virginia inspired by the rings in tree trunks

moore_giles_treeart-1.jpg moore_giles_treeart-2.jpg

Known for their gorgeous leather goods and travel accessories, and more recently their black walnut furniture, last weekend the artisans at Moore & Giles extended their range even further with Tree Art rugs. The made-to-order, hand-crafted, vegetable-tanned leather rugs debuted at LA’s West Edge Design Fair, in the 1973 Airstream trailer Moore & Giles customized to serve as their roving showroom. A visually stunning display, the interior was staged to reflect Moore & Giles’ adventurous spirit and lifestyle, and features rows of supple leather samples complete with a Bulleit Bourbon bar.


Each Tree Art rug is laid by hand to create unique pieces inspired by the organically occurring patterns found in the horizontal cross section of a tree trunk. One seven-foot rug takes around 10 days to make, since only one foot can be added to the diameter per day. To begin, the leather is precision cut into straps and then hand-tapered. The rings are formed by the ancient process of “cuir bouilli,” a French term that literally translates to boiled leather.This method, traditionally used to make armor and shields, has been adapted into a weaving process that employs hot water to permanently bond and form the leather. Each rug is then air-dried before receiving a quarter inch pad for cushioning, and is finished with a non-skid backing


Designed to wear well with age, the rugs make for a subtle yet unique piece of floor decor that’s equally attractive hung on a wall. The Tree Art rugs can be ordered from Moore & Giles for $280 a square foot (a round, 28-square-foot rug is $7,810; the rectangle rug is $9,800 at five by seven feet).

Images courtesy of Moore & Giles