Wingscapes BirdCam


Keep tabs on backyard bird feeders with Wingscapes BirdCam, a motion-activated digital camera enjoyed by the serious birders at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology and amateurs alike.

While designed specifically for bird watching (though it may mostly come in handy for identifying bullying birds driving away the robins or neighborhood cats prowling amidst the seed), the camera's time lapse mode also has the capability to create stop-motion movies or flipbooks.

The waterproof camera captures full color stills (up to 2048×1536 resolution) and provides the option of storing them on the internal 32MB memory space or on a memory card, allowing for up to 4GB of additional storage.

There's even a remote control so you can snap individual birds from afar without spooking them, in addition to a host of other optional accessories.


The BirdCam retails for $250 from Wingscapes' online store and a variety of retail outlets across the continental United States.