Mild Peppermint Freshness From Zero K Single Cooling Wipes

An easy-to-use way to keep cool on the go

Whether you’re trekking the urban or actual jungle cooling soap, we grabbed hold of some Zero K wipes offer a new (and proprietary) way to keep your cool. On spunlace nonwoven fabric pads, a 98% natural or naturally derived, proprietary cooling solution—with peppermint oil and menthol—activates when it touches the skin. With a light peppermint burst it spreads a cooling sensation. The peppermint doesn’t linger, and the cooling effect brings freshness. Zero K considered everything down to the pad’s softness—and on a recent trip to Morocco in August with triple digit temperatures and limited air conditioning they made a noticeable difference. A Kickstarter success story (they raised more than $40,000 in November 2014), their wipes are now out in the real world and can make everything from hikes to workouts and even the moments before an important meeting more pleasant.

You can purchase

Zero K wipes online, with 15 going for $12 or 30 for $23.

Images courtesy of Zero K