ANA Business Class By Design

The Japanese airline aims to personify the "Omotenashi" spirit of service and an unparalleled attention to detail



Air travel is exhausting. There’s no way around it. From taxi rides to long security lines and extended layovers, each step in the process is often as unpredictable as the last—especially when traveling abroad. Japan’s All Nippon Airways (ANA) aims to make the most important part of the trip (the actual flight) more convenient and more comfortable—a fact we were recently lucky enough to experience first-hand on a trip to Bangkok, Tokyo and back. With NYC’s seemingly never-ending winter at full strength, we jumped at the opportunity to be a part of ANA’s recently launched “By Design” campaign, which connects business class travelers to priority Asian destinations to experience the region’s many unique cultures.


Japanese hospitality is recognized by all who’ve experienced the culture—even in the slightest of ways. This spirit of service (or “Omotenashi”) centers around the concept of a server or host anticipating the needs of guests. This philosophy was in effect all around us in business class—from hot towels and cold tea upon arrival, to always having a flight attendant within arm’s reach.


The service extends to the carefully selected food and drink menus too—an important note considering the 13-hour flight. We found more than enough fresh and beautifully presented options to nourish our bodies while our minds wandered to what awaited upon arrival in Thailand and Japan. The Japanese cuisine was authentic to say the least, and the sake menu inviting. Admittedly, our favorite was the Ippudo Ramen, which was made available at the push of a button, alongside a long list of available-anytime options. On-demand fresh fruit and herbal tea certainly made watching multiple movies in a row feel less gluttonous.


Needless to say, Japanese people are also known for their attention to detail. Slippers and a complementary dopp kit (with an eye mask and L’Occitane products) is an obvious example of the Omotenashi philosophy. This, plus pillows and blankets to an additional pad to turn out chairs to beds, made the lie-flat seats even more enjoyable once our eyelids couldn’t stay open any longer.

Keep an eye on CH in the coming week for more from our trip to Bangkok and Tokyo with ANA. We’ll be sharing our experience exploring the region and some favorite bits about Asian design. For more information on ANA, their flight options and the By Design creative class-focused campaign, visit ANA online.

Images by Cool Hunting