Bon Vivant

Leather goods, handmade in Brisbane, inspired by the many forms of the Good Life


The Good Life is a concept best left to individual dreamers to interpret. While some may see it as a life spent lamping in the sun or lapping the local ski hill, others feel it’s defined as time dedicated to a passion project. The latter rings true for the team behind Brisbane, Australia-based Bon Vivant. Translated literally from French, Bon Vivant means “one who lives well,” and this is exactly who the brand’s finely crafted leather goods are geared toward. To capture this audience, Bon Vivant relies on creative, heritage-inspired designs that exude a timeless sense of luxury. And, of course, each piece is made entirely by hand from full-grain, vegetable-tanned leather.

BNVVT-roll-top-side.jpg BNVVT-detail-1.jpg

While the brand’s varied offerings are each worth a look, the recently introduced (and rather fetchingly named) Stop Drop and Roll Top backpack and Call Me Ishmael ditty bag deserve a proper highlight. The backpack sports a slender silhouette with a cavernous main compartment, exterior pouch and semi-hidden, back-facing zippered pocket. A vintage-inspired classic for sure.

BNVVT-Call-Me-1.jpg BNVVT-Call-Me-2.jpg

The ditty bag is a time-tested nautical staple, and Bon Vivant’s canvas Call Me Ishmael (a reference to “Moby Dick,” of course) seems as fit for an adventure on the high seas as a trip to the gym. Depending on the load, either a drawstring or zipper will secure the ditty bag. Adding to the natural versatility of the design, an adjustable strap allows the bag to be worn slung over the shoulder or doubled up like a backpack.

The Stop Drop and Roll Top and Call Me Ishmael sell for $269 and $140, respectively. Visit Bon Vivant online for a closer look at their extensive collection.

Images courtesy of Bon Vivant