Lotuff Bridle Duffle

Made by hand in New England with timeless style

Lotuff_Duffle_Cognac_1.jpg Lotuff_Duffle_Cognac-2.jpg

Made by hand in New England, each bag in Lotuff‘s new bridle leather collection exudes a sense of timeless elegance. Unlike most leathers bridle leather is treated (tanned and waxed) on both the flesh and grain sides for an end product with superior quality and appearance—the important detail leaves the inside looking and wearing better than most traditional bags’ exterior. Among the four bags of the collection we’re partial to the versatile Bridle Duffle for its classic aesthetic and sturdy build.


The smooth, strong bridle leather is likely to last a lifetime, so while you may not own the fleet of matching vintage sports cars just yet, the bridle collection will only age gracefully to just the right point of sophistication through the years. Find the Bridle Duffle directly from Lotuff for $1730.

Images courtesy of Lotuff