City Guides Spotlight: Minneapolis

From adventures in cycling to coffee and culture, our picks for the often overlooked city

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The city of Minneapolis seems to be all-too-often looked over when it comes to tourism in the US. But with a vibrant culture all its own, MPLS is worth not only a mention—but also a visit. Considered a part of the Midwest, its identity and cultural evolution are just as defined by its northern location. Regardless of the season, there’s much to do in the city of lakes—as is the case in any city with such a rapid and ever-evolving and emerging creative scene. Diverse, friendly and easy to navigate, MPLS provides the eats, treats and adventures all trips require. If you’re intrigued, let us be your guide for some of Minneapolis’ finest offerings with our newly launched guide.

Foodies delight over The Bachelor Farmer’s Nordic fare, while a stop at Urban Bean delivers one of the best coffee experiences in the city. Swing by the Angry Catfish for a quick bike repair and stay for a cup of Intelligentsia, as the venue doubles as another high-end cafe hangout. For shopping, denim fits just about any scene and BlackBlue is the MPLS spot for jeans. Cultural staples dot many corners, and while you find yourself in the area, the river town of Stillwater is just a day trip away.

Our City Guides—thanks to Lexus—aim to make cities more enjoyable for visitors and locals. Visit our guide to Minneapolis for a new look at this rapidly emerging destination, and check back for more city updates to come.