Cool Hunting Takes Off on Delta Air Lines

Our videos are now available as inflight entertainment on Delta flights


A funny thing happened while visiting Delta‘s Photon Shower at this year’s TED conference. As we were waiting to experience the jetlag-fighting light therapy concept we crossed the path of Bob Kupbens, Vice President of Marketing and Digital Commerce for Delta Air Lines, and a longtime Cool Hunting reader. While trying Delta’s new business class seat with Heavenly Bedding and previewing their new inflight entertainment console, we began to discuss a potential collaboration.

We are very pleased to announce—just a few months later—Cool Hunting Video is premiering on Delta’s inflight entertainment system on our very own channel, an exclusive you’ll only find on Delta flights. From September through November you’ll find five videos celebrating innovation and creativity in sporting goods, fashion, accessories and photography. Starting in December, we’ll be updating our features monthly and premiering some videos on our Delta channel. We try to provide inspiration to our readers and viewers wherever they are; now you can find us at our site, through our iOS apps, on Vimeo, YouTube and more.

We checked in with Kupbens to learn about inflight entertainment and how, as a frequent traveler himself, he finds the balance between working and relaxing.

Can you tell us the importance of inflight entertainment today and the kinds of things Delta is exploring?

Entertainment inflight is a key part of the Delta experience, regardless of whether it’s on a seat-back screen or very soon on a customer’s personal device through our Entertainment On Demand (EOD) service, we have the options that will help make the most out of each flight. We know our customers are sophisticated and have many varied tastes, so we spend our time finding the best first-run movies, TV shows, music and also look for other inspiring content like HBO specials, TED talks and others. Cool Hunting videos fit nicely into this strategy because they’re inspiring, timely and a great, short, window into something our customers may not otherwise see.

You travel a lot. Any tips for making the most of your time on the plane?

I have two Wi-Fi accounts, so at least two of my three devices can be online while I’m above 10,000 feet and I pack the third with movies and other entertainment. I never know exactly what I’ll want to do on a plane—sometimes I need to get through email, other times I want to catch up on Facebook, or listen music to help me sleep, still other times I want to watch a movie—so having all options available is essential. I hate to admit it but, most of the time I’m doing more than one of these at the same time. Also, while our Delta meals are really good, I try to eat very lightly—mostly to allow more time for the other stuff—but it’s always a good idea to drink water when traveling. And, don’t forget to take time to be nice to the flight attendants, gate agents and other employees. Air travel is still a luxury and these guys can make a good trip amazing.

In-screen image courtesy of Delta