Deus Ex Machina + Sitka Dirt Nap Bedroll

A wool blend blanket that's perfect for afternoons in the park, evenings by the campfire and rooftop sessions

Deus-Sitka-bedroll-1.jpg Deus-Stika-bedroll-2.jpg

Whether you’re hitting the road for a weekend in the woods by motorcycle or an afternoon in the park by bike, the Dirt Nap Bedroll from Deus Ex Machina and Sitka will surely come in handy. Made of a wool and polyester blend, the blue buffalo check blanket is a classic camp blanket that’ll keep you cozy well into the night. And, come daylight, the blanket can be rolled up easily using the durable leather strap to secure the load. The leather apparatus is also great for attaching to your bike and comes with a shoulder strap to make traveling to and from camp easier when on foot.

Even if you have no interest in camping, riding a motorcycle or even leaving the city this summer, the blanket and strap will keep your hands free when climbing a fire escape for rooftop sessions. Regardless of your agenda, the collaboration bedroll is available from Deus for $190.

Images courtesy of Deus Ex Machina