The Emporium of Postmodern Activities

Custom motorcycle brand Deus ex Machina takes on Venice, CA

by Mark Buche


The Emporium of Postmodern Activities” is the US foothold of Sydney-based custom motorcycle maker Deus ex Machina. The Venice extension is a move to establish a beach presence where people are able to move through the space and experience the Australian brand firsthand. True to the company’s familial vibe, the beautifully designed building is full of art-covered walls, and the community of local surfers and riders are often found basking across the sunny patio.


Purity of purpose is the Deus way of life, and under this design philosophy the brand has become best-known for their simple and minimalistic custom motorcycles. While that industry is often full of frivolous decoration, Deus deliberately subtracts and boils down their bikes to performance essentials. Each of the hand-built bikes aims to achieve functionality as an art form.

“We originated this idea of combining elements and it came out of the era where surf culture defined that all you could do was surf and nothing else, motorcycle culture said you could only be a motorcyclist. We’ve pioneered and pushed this idea that you can fuse interests and make a fun, rich, and exciting culture,” says Dare Jennings, founder of Deus ex Machina.


A large pane of glass splitting a gallery wall looks into the workspace of head motorcycle designer Michael “Woolie” Woolaway, revealing the true brand ethos. From the Deus retail shop you can watch Woolaway’s continuous tinkering as he perfects the design and construction of their beautiful hand-built machines.

Deus has quickly become a hub for the laid-back coastal lifestyle in Venice. On any given day, the parking lot is filled with every type of motorcyclist and bicyclist, from surf bums to actors meeting for hours to talk shop or to start a morning ride after an espresso from Handsome Coffee Roasters.


Like their other locations, The House of Simple Pleasures in Sydney and Bali’s Temple of Enthusiasm, Deus’ new spot in Venice also holds all sorts of events and gatherings to help introduce and share their passions with both the newly curious and longtime fans of the brand.

Look for Deus to take on Milan next year, where they plan to open another hub of motorcycle culture with the help of former Ducati CEO, Federico Minoli.

Deus ex Machina

1001 Venice Boulevard

Venice Beach, CA 90291