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Exploring Spain’s Querencia De Sevilla, Autograph Collection Hotel

Insight on the look and feel of this property overlooking the Seville Cathedral

Querencia de Sevilla, Autograph Collection—Marriott’s latest hotel in its prestigious Autograph Collection portfolio—has opened in the heart of one of Spain’s most charming, distinct cities. Here, travelers won’t just find a place to rest their heads but a team who view guests more like friends and family rather than temporary tenants, and aim to make their trip as bountiful as possible. “Querencia” translates to a feeling of home, and this concept really comes to life upon entering the property. In addition to vibrant dining options within the hotel itself, the property boasts a rooftop pool and bar with sweeping panoramic views of the city, as well as a relationship with Marriott Bonvoy Tours & Activities, which will arrange for explorations with some of the most compelling guides the city has to offer. Sunset drinks at the rooftop bar, which overlooks the Seville Cathedral, alone warrant a trip to the property.

To learn more after our stay, we spoke with Jennifer Connell (Global Brand Leader and Vice President of Marriott’s Autograph Collection) about the nuances within the building’s design and how to make the most of a visit to Seville.

How did Querencia de Sevilla incorporate local architecture and traditions into its design?

Every element of this hotel’s design is inspired by its history and sense of place, and is intended to create atmospheres that transport guests. This design approach is also pulled through in the hotel’s various art pieces, including handmade ceramics, pottery, paintings, books, wickerwork, fabrics and more. Every material has been thoughtfully selected from local Sevillian craftspeople. The colors throughout the hotel—from yellow to dark green—have a distinct role in the hotel’s aesthetic as they evoke the traditional tones of the land. Every detail—down to the tableware in the hotel’s restaurant, La Maestría—takes cues from the locale’s traditional craftsmanship, to provide guests with an authentic experience that is “exactly like nothing else.”

How was it made to feel bright and spacious?

The hotel comes to life in a storied location in the heart of the city. The hotel building, which was the former headquarters of Banco Andalucía, was remodeled to offer guests a true Sevillian experience while restoring the beauty of the historical architecture. The hotel’s open spaces have been designed so that the sunlight can illuminate every corner, including the two beautiful terraces and the atrium that provides light to the restaurant area on the second floor. The terraces are inspired by the “patio” characteristic of Andalusian architecture and are decorated with plants and traditional tiles that make guests feel like they’re in a Sevillian house with the most personalized service.

There is a running bull motif throughout the hotel—can you speak on that?

In Spain, the bull is seen as a symbol of confidence and strength, and represents a major part of Seville’s history, especially La Fiesta de los Toros. The hotel has a special piece on display—a matador’s costume that belongs to the son of one of the hotel’s owners. Throughout the property, guests will uncover nods to the bull motif, which is undeniably characteristic of the locale’s culture.

Can you tell us more about the Marriott Bonvoy tour guides through the city?

The platform offers experiences that truly embrace the transformative power of travel and a way to discover the world everyone shares. In Seville, one of the experiences is a private monumental walking tour, where travelers can discover the city’s most spectacular monuments. The intimate walking tour features Seville’s iconic sights, which are steps away from the hotel itself, including the Seville Cathedral, the Giralda tower, the Royal Alcazar, Plaza de España and more.

Can you explain further what “querencia” means to the team. It takes on its own life here. 

The word “querencia” refers to the tendency of human beings to return to the place where they have been raised or are used to going. The hotel has truly taken this to heart, extending the soul and feeling of querencia throughout the property in order to establish a return to the deepest tradition of Seville. This mindset and commitment could not be fully conveyed to travelers without the hotel team’s indescribable passion, which invites guests to immerse themselves in the querencia experience.

Images courtesy of Marriott


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