G-RO’s Push Forward Carry-on, the SIX

Another ergonomic development from the travel innovator

A quick glance at the SIX offers a hint at the groundbreaking industrial design team behind this new, push-forward carry-on suitcase. Those two patented GravityRoll wheels are in fact a descendant from the first and second iteration of axle-less wheels released by G-RO—the record-holder for most successful crowdfunded luggage campaign. The goal with this product, however, is to advance the push-forward carry-on to meet the needs of travelers who are tired of lugging everything behind.

Two years of development went into the suitcase, which sports an additional four front-bearing wheels. This achieves maximum maneuverability. With a titled handle jutting out at a precise 66-degree angle, user bodyweight propels the piece of luggage with ease. And, of course, there’s the suitcase’s signature durability—due in part to its premium polycarbonate shell, which maintains dimensions for easy stowing in overhead bins. For frequent flyers, (or disgruntled travelers) so much of G-RO’s research, testing and technical knowhow have led to answers that the SIX embodies.

You can back it for $295 on Kickstarter now. At time of publish, the campaign raised more than doubled its target funding goal with 30 days remaining.

Images courtesy of G-RO