Jansport Heritage Series

Our two fave picks of the classic limited-edition bags in Jansport's Heritage Series

jansport-brown1.jpg jansport-brown2.jpg

by James Ryang

Pretty much anyone who went to school in the U.S. has had a Jansport backpack at some point in their life. If it could get books from point A to point B, while withstanding endless tosses over shoulders and the travails of school, it worked. Function, simple design, and durability have always been the key elements to Jansport’s enduring relevance as the iconic backpack. Recently, Jansport introduced their limited edition Heritage Series, re-issuing their original designs from 1967. Emblazoned with vintage Jansport labels, these bags are constructed in the same silhouettes and from the same materials as their ancestors.

jansport-brown-strap.jpg jansport-brown-logo.jpg

Of our favorites in the series, the Hoss, pictured above left, is a top-loading backpack equipped with brass zippers, a re-enforced leather bottom, three utility pockets and seat-belt straps. The Snoqualmie duffel, above right, is a perfect, carry-on sized bag with three side pockets and an adjustable seat-belt strap. Both bags are available in four vintage colorways. Made from Classic Cordura fabric, the Hoss backpack and the Snoqualmie duffel are extremely durable. Cordura is a woven nylon fabric first applied by Jansport in the early 1970’s and still used in the production of military apparel and equipment. Jansport has taken a significant step backward to remind us why their brand is synonymous with durable, classic luggage.