Airframe Portable Phone Mount

Kenu's expandable clip turns any car's air vent into an adjustable phone stand

Kenu-Airframe-1.jpg Kenu-Airframe-mount.jpg

As the weather continues to warm up in the Northern Hemisphere, our inner-compass begins to spin, urging us onto the open road. To assist with navigation once we heed the call is the handy Airframe portable car mount. This little device from Kenu turns any air vent into a phone mount, allowing the driver—or co-pilot—to monitor Google Maps or search for entertainment nearby, while keeping at least one hand on the wheel. The expandable grip can accomodate up to a 4.8″ device and the rotating clip allows for viewing in any number of orientations—a clean and simple solution to an increasingly common conundrum.

Once at your destination slip a credit card or room key into the claw-like clip and turn the mount into a phone travel stand. See Kenu directly for more info and to purchase for $25.

Images by Graham Hiemstra and Josh Rubin