Flight search results are prioritized by mileage booking options


Even the savviest of frequent travelers can fall into the miles trap, letting their rewards go unclaimed or worse, losing entire days strategizing how to cash in for a free ticket.

Superfly is a relatively new engine that simplifies the process of shopping for reward travel by storing membership information for airlines, hotel chains, ground transportation and credit cards. Flight searches cross reference this data to present the most relevant results.


The search engine allows users to set up frequent flyer accounts from 67 airline options, integrating each seamlessly into an easily digestible interface. Miles are given a dollar amount to simplify the appearance and enable users to compare their accounts. The interface is light and clean, and stacks up flight options in comparison through price, rewards and net value rankings.

In the search funciton, adjustments can be made through the sidebar to adjust time, number of stops, cabin and preferred airlines. The site essentially plays the role of a good travel agent: rather than assuming that each individual will be interested in the same results, Superfly is in the game of personalized travel planning. While certain sections of the start-up remain in beta, Superfly is ready for booking.