The Common Pursuit

Alternative accommodations for the discerning traveler


Created by London-based graphic designer Hannah Woodcock, The Common Pursuit is a new travel site designed to inspire your next holiday. The simple format currently features 72 accommodations varying in location and style, but all are centered around the comfortable aesthetics of “understated or alternative luxury,” says Woodcock.

The Common Pursuit is the upshot of Woodcock’s obsession with finding the perfect hideaway that “has a mix of character and unique style.” Her fixation began after staying at the Love Shack, a sustainably-designed cabin in England’s Lake District. The mix of rugged charm and high-end mid-century furniture was “everything I wanted a holiday rental to be and complimented the location perfectly,” she comments. Inspired by her long weekend retreat, Woodcock began bookmarking other places she wanted to stay, gleaning intriguing accommodations from a variety of news sources like Monocle or the Sunday Times, design websites like Architizer and Remodelista or travel-focused sites like Design Tripper and Further Afield.


When her list of bookmarks grew as long as the requests from friends for advice on where to stay, Woodcock decided to put it all together and put her recommendations online. “I am hoping the idea is a common pursuit for a lot of people, and they help it grow,” she explains. “I have no intentions for the website other than to inspire and share, so if people would like to suggest places, or send feedback, they can email me or comment on the Facebook page.”

Spanning a Brooklyn duplex to a seven-person cottage in Croatia, Woodcock’s growing list has you covered. See these digs and more at The Common Pursuit, where you can also find independent booking information.