Cool Hunting Rough Cut: The Stash at Killington and Interview

Last week we were invited by our friends at Burton to go up to Killington, VT to try out the new Stash trail which opened early this year. Taking riding back to the roots of freestyle, the Stash run strategically weaves it way down a wooded trail offering a mix of terrain, hits, rails, jibs, powder shots and even a small cabin for the convenient pit stop.

Converting the otherwise monotonous terrain park into one of limitless opportunity, the beauty of the Stash run is its infinite lines and discoveries. Jeff Boliba, Burton Global Resort Director comments, “the Killington Stash run allows riders to be creative, has unique features and an endless amount of lines to keep riders discovering new ways to shred the mountain.” Even for a rider that’s not going to jump over the cabin, everyone, including skiers, can find challenging and diverse lines every time down the trail. Along with a few pro's, including Dave Downing, Yale Cousino (pictured right) and brothers Hans and Nils Mindnich, we ran the stash from 10am to 4pm and never got bored.

Ride along with Dave Downing who filmed our point-of-view rough cut video on the mountain. Stash is an all together new breed of terrain park and trail masterminded by Jeff Boliba. We caught up with the man to ask him a few questions about the development of Stash and what's next.

stashkill1.jpg stashkill2.jpg
What was the inspiration behind the Stash runs?

The Stash is really about bringing snowboarding back to its roots by creating a run that uses the natural features that the mountain offers. An added benefit of the Stash is that it is more ecological because it uses natural elements and materials found on the hill. But the real drive behind it is to inspire people to get creative with their riding by using the natural features that the mountain and woods offer.

What are you looking for when scouting potential Stash spots?

Mountains that are completely committed to snowboarding and freestyle terrain and that want to take resort riding to the next level.

How is the Killington run different than the other Stash runs?

Making a Stash run in Vermont was a goal from the beginning as Burton’s Snowboard’s Global Headquarters have been in Vermont since 1977. Killington’s reputation of being a progressive freestyle terrain and a great mountain made it the ideal location for the latest Burton Stash. There are a few unique features at the stash at Killington, one being the Sugar Shack, Yeti Arc and the Banked Snake Run through the trees.

stashkill3.jpg stashkill4.jpg
What is your favorite part of this run?

My favorite part of the run is probably hitting the up log and then heading into the banked turns on the main run that then lead into the trees and out by the old patrol shack that you can jib on the way out of the trees.

Where next?

Working on that now and should have another location finalized within the next month or so.

The Stash at Killington Resort is the fifth run of its kind worldwide and the first in the Northeast. The Stash can also be found at Northstar-at-Tahoe, USA; Avoriaz, France; The Remarkables, New Zealand and Flachauwinkl Resort, Austria. Check out the Stash for more info including some great videos and interviews.

With contributions by Josh Teixeira. Photos by Blotto.