Tumi Vapor: Polycarbonate Travel Bags


Launching today, Tumi's new Vapor collection is an ensemble of ultra lightweight polycarbonate travel bags determined to defy airport impediments. The revered luggage label, already known for producing exceptionally durable suitcases, eclipses the competition with this triple-layered polycarbonate built to outlast even the toughest tumble.


Offered in three sizes—an international legal carry on, a medium-sized packing case and a large extended trip case—each boasts a fully-lined, spacious interior and an intuitive organization system. The vapor is ideal for outsmarting new airline luggage weight constraints and features such as rubber molded bumpers add to its damage resistance while the striated metallic surface cleverly hides scratches inevitably incurred over time.


Available now, prices range from $395-545. To purchase or for more images and technical information, visit the Tumi website.