Make travel planning effortless with a new user-friendly site


Simplifying the art of travel planning, the new website Wanderfly helps people choose an adventure best suited to their interests. Co-founder Evan Schneyer, who was personally frustrated with online user experience, explains they created Wanderfly because “We believe the fun should start from the very moment you decide to go.” The recommendation engine generates information from partners like Expedia, Foursquare, Not For Tourists, Lonely Planet and more, allowing people to fully customize their next trip or explore the options.


For users who want a general overview, choosing a departing city, time frame and budget will automatically find the best deals and supply an exhaustive list of destinations and activities. If your needs are more specific—maybe a four-day beach holiday in mid-January filled with culture, entertainment and parties—Wanderfly comes up with more precise suggestions, in this case Oranjestad, Aruba or Bathsheba, Barbados.

Modifying filters is easy too. Start with romance and food and add culture or change anything else by simply clicking the filter icons. Altering the time frame and budget, requires minimal effort too; deciding between locations requires little more than a click of the button to show multiple trips at once for comparison.


Also valuable is the rich, personalized information Wanderfly sources for each location. Along with news and weather, Wanderfly scans Facebook, showing you which of your friends are in each city you’re exploring.

If the intuitive design isn’t enough, Wanderfly livens search time up with inspirational travel quotes and helpful tips to get you excited about skipping town.