2014 Red Bull Grand Prix of the Americas

A spectacular race in Austin featuring the world's fastest racers on two wheels


Grand Prix motorcycle racing (aka
MotoGP) is known to many worldwide as the greatest show on earth; showcasing the fastest road-racers, hitting speeds beyond 200 mph. The series—which travels to 18 race tracks in 14 countries over an eight-month period—is predominately European with more than half of the races held on the continent. But with budding young stars including Marc Marquez and veteran champions like Valentino Rossi breaking records and putting on such continually captivating performances, MotoGP’s US following grows with each race. This year, the US is fortunate to have two GPs; the first being Red Bull Grand Prix of the Americas which will be held in Austin, Texas this weekend, 11-13 April. This will be the second Red Bull GP of the Americas, and will wow spectators at the Circuit of the Americas (COTA) where cowboy hats, big buckles and pointy boots are all the rage—even to those Europeans who are on tour with Moto GP. The COTA track was designed by Hermann Tilke and features 20 turns, two long straights and many elevation changes over the 3.4 mile course. Besides being an enjoyable track for racers, the venue offers audience members plenty of excellent viewing options.


There are various VIP packages (for even more impressive views) that range from private viewing at Turn 1, Turn 20 and Turn 15 to multi-turn seating and Grand Stand locations. But whether watching the race from outside the track on the lawn, seated in the stands, in the paddock or on the comfort of a couch, the 2014 Red Bull Grand Prix of the Americas is sure to be an exciting race.

The 2014 Red Bull Grand Prix of the Americas is this weekend (11-13 April) with practice on Friday, qualifying on Saturday and Sunday is race day.

Photos by Katharine Erwin