EROK’s Infiniti Red Bull Racing F1 Team Playlist

Jump behind the seat with the music that revs up the F1 champs


“It can be anything from a planned after party for a race—a big production in a club—or it could be a random thing, like we’re in the middle of the German countryside and we roll into a little pub and just pop open the computer and start DJing off it,” explains EROK, on spinning tunes as the personal DJ to the Infiniti Red Bull Racing Formula 1 team. We recently sat down with the sought-after DJ, who cut his teeth years ago playing to the demanding crowds comprising Miami’s notorious club scene, to learn more about what it’s like switching gears and taking his talents to the track and well beyond the confines of night life settings. But with a team that rarely loses, EROK’s duties aren’t all that different than playing to the wound-up masses in South Beach—pumping people up and then celebrating all night long.

In fact, EROK tells us, some of the other teams on the circuit get mad at how loud the Red Bull garage can get post-race, often dubbing them “the party team” for their boisterous behavior. “They’re pretty much the only team who does that,” he explains. But with three championships under their belt and sponsors like Infiniti, which EROK tells CH are young at heart, it’s hard for the team to resist turning up the volume and blasting the “good vibes” after another successful run on the track.


EROK has been trekking the globe with Red Bull Racing since 2007, beginning with an end-of-season party in Brazil where he played till 6am after nearly missing it entirely due to weather. “I thought, okay, this is a foreshadow of what’s to come in the future,” he says, laughing. The last few years have seen his position grow as the team continues to win, and he’s now a permanent fixture on the Red Bull Racing circuit. As both a fan of the sport and music devotee, that suits EROK just fine.

To get a sample of what it sounds like to be with the Infiniti Red Bull Racing F1 team after a win, we asked EROK to create a playlist that includes some of the drivers’ favorite tracks as well as songs played at some of their most memorable after parties. Have a listen here or on SoundCloud.