24Hour Magazine

by Laura Neilson


As a challenge to the notion that magazines are a slow and dying format, 24Hour Magazine is an awesomely triumphant endeavor. The entire magazine was conceptualized, produced and printed—all in the span of a single day.

With the goal of capturing a moment through teamwork and creative thought, co-creators Tuffer Harris and Sam Mulkay took a spontaneous idea and quickly formed a team of designers, photographers, writers and artists to come together with nothing but the following motto in place: "1 day. 1 magazine. Start to finish. Scratch to print."

On 27 June 2009 in a studio in Kortrijk, Belgium, not unlike a college all-nighter or a team cram-session, Harris and Mulkay's enthusiastic collective embarked on creating a magazine—story ideas, layout and design included—from scratch. To witness the project, viewers could tune in for updates via video and flickr feeds, blog posts and Twitter updates. The result is a 47-page, ad-free cross-pollination of fashion, design, music and lifestyle, complete with fashion photo spreads.


While most monthly magazines require several months of lead time, and many are folding in favor of timelier online publications, 24Hour Magazine is printed proof that magazines can be equally of-the-moment.


Click here to read the magazine online. To pre-order a hard copy, visit the 24Hour Magazine website.