Your 15 Minutes Await With Absolut’s Andy Warhol Art Exchange

The renowned vodka brand's creative endeavor includes the chance to win a photograph by the grandfather of Pop Art himself



As the grandfather of Pop Art, Andy Warhol and his legacy are those of appropriation. Already canonical, his images become increasingly powerful the more they are repeated and translated into new mediums. For their latest collaboration, Absolut is celebrating Warhol’s unique ability to merge mass appeal and fine art with the release a limited edition bottle and a global art exchange.

Inspired by Warhol’s colorful palette, the new bottle is Absolut’s ode to the artist’s flamboyant aesthetic, but it’s the Andy Warhol Art Exchange that gives aspiring artists and collectors around the world the chance to join in the fun. Open to anyone over 21 years old, Absolut’s project hopes to encourage amateur and established artists alike to share their work in a new way.


Unlike a contest, everybody who submits an original work will receive a piece from another artist and, for a lucky few, those artworks will be from the likes of Ryder Ripps and Taylor Mckimens—or even Warhol himself. To facilitate the best submissions possible, Absolut also created a free art-making platform that combines drawing and photography so that visitors can create their own dynamic, digital masterpieces. Simultaneously personal and social, Absolut’s grandiose endeavor embraces the enviable cocktail of whimsy and ambition that Warhol and his iconic work embodied. Powered by creative spirit around the world, Absolut hopes to facilitate the largest art exchange in history.

To enter the exchange, simply visit the exchange website. Stay tuned for a round-up of our favorite entries.

Images courtesy of Absolut Art Exchange