Addictive TV: Olympics 2008 Remix


by Kyle Small

Tired of all the Olympic controversy? Want to maybe see the games in a new, refreshing way? Well, this might be your chance. World famous London-based VJs Addictive TV are remixing the upcoming Olympic Games for live TV. For an Austrian television network, the duo will remix live feeds of the games with music, outside footage and special effects, among other creative elements.

In addition to their live broadcast, the pair released a short video called "Sportive" (pictured) which was commissioned by Adidas for their current "Sport in Art" exhibition. Sticking to their remix style, the video takes chopped up, pre-existing Adidas footage and mixes them together to create a matrix of images and sounds relating to Olympic-based sports. It's being displayed in Beijing during the Olympics before moving on to Hong Kong.

Get more details at Addictive TV's official site or at their MySpace.