Global Feast

An Olympian pop-up supper club opens in London


The Olympics opening ceremonies are nearly upon London, and as the city makes its final preparations to host the world for the games, many creative projects are popping up around town to celebrate the event. Taking the international spirit of the Olympics to heart—by way of the belly— the pop-up restaurant Global Feast has opened in Stratford Town Hall near Olympic Park with an astonishing 20-night lineup of exceptional cuisine from across the world.


Global Feast is a collaboration between architect Alex Haw of
Atmos and celebrated underground supper club chef
Kerstin Rodgers, AKA MsMarmiteLover. Together they have curated a delicious culinary adventure that showcases the best of supper club culture. Top supper club chefs from across London and further afield have been selected to host one night each, with their menus celebrating the delicacies of their chosen part of the world.

Global Feast also marks the realization of Haw’s long-held ambition to seat people at the tallest table in the world. He describes his Worldscape design as a “voluptuous, CNC-carved landscape, a vast, 3D model of world terrain, seating 80 people on its ocean contours to dine off its coastlines, illuminated by its cities, enshadowed by its mountains.”

global-6.jpg global-5.jpg

“Our culinary journey starts, like our species, in Africa—on the Western tip of Senegal, opening alongside the first Olympic event (football),” says Haw about what diners have in store. “Traveling east, we land at home on the opening night of the Olympic ceremony, with fireworks visible from our courtyard, to celebrate the best of host nation Britain. We continue east through Europe and onwards past Asia, from old world tonew, to end our entire journey the night after the last Olympic event by passing on the baton to Rio de Janeiro—with a climactic fiesta of Brazilian Carnival.”

Global Feast kicks off 25 July in London, and traveling gourmands can choose to attend for both the opening and closing ceremonies of the games, or any night in between.