Alpinist 21


The haute mountaineering magazine Alpinist has stepped it up another level by going green with issue 21. Advocates for clean-style climbing (leaving no gear behind), Alpinist 21 puts their money where their magazine is by using an eco-friendly printing process called Earth Ink, in partnership with Patagonia.

The upshot is that in one year Alpinist will save 677 trees, 266,836 gallons of water, 469,000,000 BTUs of energy, 40,842 lbs. of solid waste and eliminate 75,296 lbs. of greenhouse gasses.

Even better, the new production methods don't compromise the look and feel of the book, proving that an archival-quality magazine is possible with 100% recycled paper. The issue also launches a redesign of the mag and their site—which might keep climbers indoors for once.

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