Amber Mark: Thong Song (Sisqó Cover)

Sisqó’s 1999 campy hit “Thong Song” may be oft-disparaged, but it remains a masterstroke written by the then-19-year-old. NYC-based singer, songwriter and producer Amber Mark has just covered the track—and with relish. Mark (whose style pulls elements from countless genres, including R&B, dance, pop, bossa nova and beyond) says, “Yes, lol I covered ‘Thong Song.’ I HAD TO DO IT! I used to love this back in the day. So I figured how cool would it be to make a smooth house version of it. It originally started out as a little joke to myself and then I loved it too much not to put it out.” She has reworked the 20-year-old treasure into something just as extravagant, juicy and satisfying as any listener could hope for.