An Expansive Online Directory of Queer Creatives

The Queer Creatives Community Directory is a new centralized spreadsheet database of LGBTQ+ people working in all kinds of fields—from DJs and tattoo artists to florists, contractors, tarot readers, ASL interpreters and more. Created by drag artist and graphic designer Untitled Queen, this free, online directory is one of the most expansive of its kind. “Having a resource like this is really great, because people can [use the directory] for visibility,” says the founder. “That’s, straight up, probably the best strategy for any kind of mutual aid, fundraising or community health program—putting money in the pockets of this community.” The database will not only make it easier for queer people to find each other for work, but will also ensure that the spaces they go to are run by people who are welcoming. With the help of Untitled Queen’s friend Jess Ramsay, the spreadsheet will be updated monthly. Learn more about it at Paper Magazine.

Image courtesy of Paper Magazine