Apple Mini Store


Just two days after announcing the "Mini" store concept, Apple opens the first 6 locations today. Preliminary reports indicate these stores will not only feature cutting edge design, but also forward thinking technology. Because 80% of customers pay with credit cards there will be self service check out stations. To facilitate communication within the store and back to "HQ," all employees will wear a Trekkie like communicator that operates using voice commands.

via IFOApple Store, via Cult of Mac

Bryan Chang has posted some photos of the San Jose Mini Store.

If you’re close to any of the first 6, go check them out. But don’t worry, many more are planned and there are even rumors that this 500sq ft wonder might start popping up in airports.

  • Santa Rosa Plaza (N. Calif.), about 40 miles north of the Corte Madera store, and 15 miles to the San Francisco store
  • Stanford Shopping Center (N. Calif.), just 3,960 feet from the Palo Alto store, 750 square-feet
  • Bridgewater Commons (NJ), about 15 miles from the Menlo Park store Shoppingtown
  • Oakridge (N. Calif.), about 15 miles from the Valley Fair store
  • Southcenter (Wash.), about 10 miles south of the University Village (Seattle) store

    Rockaway Townsquare Mall (NJ), about 20 miles north and west of the Short Hills store