Cool Hunting Video Presents: BAP Lab Part 2: Bushwick Art Projects

The second installment of our Bushwick Arts Project coverage explores the humble, industrial beginnings of the event

An independent festival of new media art and electronic music now in its second year, Buswick Art Project was inspired by the pioneering community of artists living in the industrial park neighborhood of Bushwick. Where BAP Lab Part 1 was a glimpse of the ingenuity and creativity at this year’s event, BAP Lab Part 2 traces the project from its humble beginnings to the first BAP that was held 12 November 2005, and comes full circle with more highlights from the 2006 artistic celebration. Co-founders RJ Valejo, an electronic musician, and Ruth Garon, who organizes events, explain how they created an opportunity to present the work of the painters, filmmakers, sculptors, musicians and new media artists that inhabit Bushwick. From behind-the-scenes footage to the phenomenal success of BAP Lab this year, the 45th episode of Cool Hunting Video is the story of a burgeoning creative movement.