Best of CH 2008: Top Five Green Projects

In 2008, green officially made the transition from hue to lifestyle in style, transportation and construction. As environmentalism becomes increasing a part of every day life, several eco-minded designs stood out from the pack and are destined to take consumers mindfully through 2009 and beyond.


Nau Relaunch
Down to delivery by bike messenger, the future is Nau. Right on time, Nau relaunched this with business "as unusual." Nouveau classics such the as the recycled polyester Shroud of Purrin Trench give it the green light.


Volkwagen Jetta TDI
Quietly spewing upon the competition, the diesel Volkswagen Jetta TDI was voted Green Car of the Year. The 2009 model year hit the pavement this fall offering 38 city/44 highway while still extolling perky performance using new and improved diesel fuel.


The Pharos Project
It's not easy being green, but how green is it anyway? While the Pharos Project is not technically a tangible design, the eco-friendly group of like-minded scientists, architects and engineers offers an objective approach to assessing architecture from environmental prospective. Designs to design by.


Three Ethical Denim Brands
Most of us need more than one pair of reliable jeans, and here are three green jeans to choose from for the conscious closet—organic cotton clad makes by Trousers London, the locally produced African Fair Trade cotton in Chance denim and the water saving NU French brand.


World First Recyclable Nylon Jacket
Biodegradable glues are a sticking point for Patagonia's green productions. This year they made the world's first recyclable nylon jacket, the Shelter Stone, constructed from goods received by their Common Threads Recycling Program. Fit and finish are not sacrificed thanks to pocket placement and well-thought out stitching.