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Best of CH 2011: Moments

Looking back at the photographs that captured some of our greatest experiences this year

Since 2003 Cool Hunting has been about finding and sharing stories of creativity and innovation from a broad range of categories. Looking back on our photos from the year I feel very fortunate that we have had so many incredible experiences. What follows is a photographic year-in-review, highlighting some of my favorite shots.


January 2011, Burlington, VT. Finally got to meet and interview the man who created an industry, Jake Burton. More Burton


January 2011, New York, NY. Sat down with the hailed portrait photographer, Albert Watson, and even got to take his portrait. Albert Watson for The Macallan


February 2011, Iznik, Turkey. Learned the centuries-old secret of Turkey’s Iznik ceramics. Cool Hunting Video Presents: Iznik Tiles


February 2011, Long Beach, CA. Saw the unveiling of JR’s Inside Out Project at TED and got to use his oversized photo booth. Inside Out


March 2011, Near Reykjavic, Iceland. Made friends with this Icelandic horse. Nature-Inspired Accessories


May 2011, New York, NY. Witnessed Olek’s brilliant crocheted bodysuits at the Festival of Ideas in NYC.

santa-fe_2011-05-28_13-16-39_JDR_4643_©joshrubin_2011 - Version 2.jpg

May 2011, Santa Fe, NM. Moved by Colette Hosmer’s ancient modern Japanese sculpture.


June 2011, Los Angeles, CA. Created the Gap’s Fall ad campaign focused around their denim design studio in downtown LA. The Pico Creative Loft


June 2011, Halewood, England. Visited the assembly line for the Range Rover Evoque to learn how design gets built. Cool Hunting Video Presents: Making the Evoque


June 2011, New York, NY. Met Scott Morrison and took our denim lust to all new levels.3×1


June 2011, Crewe, England. Learned the truly bespoke nature of creating a Bentley motorcar. Cool Hunting Video Presents: Bentley


July 2011, France. Followed the journey of the Grey Goose wheat all over France to learn how their vodka is made.


July 2011, Maranello, Italy. Ferrari’s V8 assembly line is as impressive as the cars it creates. Ferrari Campus Visit


August 2011, Pebble Beach, CA. Witnessed the epitome of passion and dedication among the car owners presenting their vehicles at the Concours D’Elegance. Vintage Automobiles at Pebble Beach 2011


August 2011, Salinas, CA. Watched vintage Jaguar X-Types race on the Laguna Seca Speedway. Vintage Automobiles at Pebble Beach 2011


August 2011, Flushing, NY. Joined Olympus for a photo safari at the US Open and got to take pictures from all the best spots in the stadium. Olympus E-P3


September 2011, Los Angeles, CA. Attended the unveiling of the most anticipated shoe in history, the Nike Mag. Nike Mag


September 2011, Romeo, MI. Spent a day on Aston Martin’s Performance Driving Course pushing a Rapide and Vantage V12 to their limits. Aston Martin Performance Driving Course


November 2011, Le Marche, Italy. Harvested and pressed olives to make oil with Nudo during a full immersion of the region’s community and culture. Le Marche


November 2011, Mexico City, Mexico. When celebrated architect Luis Barragán designed a house for you he spec’d everything, including the pots.


November 2011, Paris, France. Met and interviewed the fashion industry icon, Karl Lagerfeld. CH Capsule Video: Printemps Holiday Windows by Karl Lagerfeld


November 2011, Carlsbad, CA. Discovered the truest form of luxury travel on the road and in the air with Mercedes Benz. Four Innovations in the 2012 Mercedes Benz SL


December 2011, Miami Beach, FL. Bathed in copious amounts of art during Art Basel and the surrounding fairs. Art + Design in Miami: Tricks On The Eye


December 2011, Mutianyu, China. Jeralyn Gerber, co-founder of, gets in the noodle pulling groove at The Schoolhouse, near China’s Great Wall.


December 2011, Hong Kong. Discovered Hong Kong’s Fungus Workshop, a small classroom and atelier that offers leather-working classes and sells items that people have made there.


December 2011, Hong Kong. This cured meat vendor in the Wan Chai market, Hong Kong was very friendly and happy to speak about her products.


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